For all sun lovers and fresh air's friends we have the perfect place for a short break in the open air and in the immediate vicinity of the "Antrifttal reservoir".

Our two decks not only offer space for up to 160 guests, but also a unique view of the lake and the vegetation of the shore zones.

With freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino or tea, a piece of cake in the afternoon, a sizzling beer or a glass of good wine in the evening, you can relax at any time.

With the first rays of the sun, the desire to enjoy the open air increases. We are happy to spoil our guests with grilled delicacies from the local grill station or you can enjoy your meal á la carte from the restaurant under the open sky.

Sunbeams are hit and miss but of course inclusive. Lean back and enjoy the "sunny spot" on our terrace, open daily from 10 am to 10 pm on sunny days.

That's how the summer tastes. Relaxed enjoyment is also announced outside!